13 June 2022

15 Minute Challenge and a Long Weekend

 It was a public holiday today so we have had a nice restful break.  I did some quilting today, working on the sashing now and have plenty of crochet to go on with tonight with the latest instalment of the CAL being scheduled today.  

I managed to get the required rows finished and did an extra row, the next few rows are a bit complicated but I think I will make them in the next 2 weeks.  The blanket is already bigger than it is supposed to be,  obviously have a looser tension than the pattern designer.  I still have 2 balls of yarn so I am not worrying about running out. 

I'm loving the next cross stitch in the group, it is looking very pretty with brighter colours for this one.  

I went to Fibrefest yesterday and got a lovely stash of yarn.  The plan is to make some wraps from these, I already have patterns for the whirls and looked for something suitable on ravelry last night for the dyed yarn and found a pattern for free which I think will work perfectly.  Once the CAL is finished it will be full steam ahead on some wraps.  

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