06 June 2022

15 Minute Challenge Wild and Woolly Weather

 We've been rugging up and staying home this last week, its been cold, windy and rainy.  DH has been on tender hooks making sure we don't have any leaks anywhere unsure if the repairs he did after the last big storm will hold.  

So its been good to stitch, crochet and quilt.  I have one more block to quilt on Springtime Romance and then I have to make a decision about how to quilt the sashing I had a few thoughts last night it bed which might work.  

I started on the No 4 Loose Feathers.  This one has a few additional colours in it but I am liking it so far.  

The Crochet Cal is slowly growing I'm hoping that the next few row are a bit simpler so I can get them done but I think I might be pushing it to get the rows finished.  Oh well I will get there eventually i've done pretty well to keep up so far.    

Mo has handed in her main assignment for the cinematography class over the weekend and on Friday she has to display her life drawing sketches for marking, I think she still has one project for animation and she is done for the semester. She told us that the new tablet we bought a few weeks ago is making animation so much easier, at least it was worth it.   Next week she has to have her wisdom teeth out then she has a break from everything for a few weeks.  I think she is pretty much in holiday mode now though.  

Thats it for the week.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going. 

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Kate said...

Hopefully the weather has warmed up and calmed down a bit. Looking forward to seeing your completed Springtime Romance. I love the bright pink in your crochet project. Fingers crossed Mo gets good marks on all her end of the semester projects. Have a great weekend.