30 May 2022

15 Minute and Winter May have Arrived

 It has finally turned cold.  Most days have been high teens to low 20's up until yesterday, so we are in a bit of shock today. It has been raining all night and most of the day and the wind is pretty cold, I guess it had to happen.  We have hardly had the heater for most of May but I think that will change now, I put it on as soon as I got home from work.  

I managed some quilting on the weekend, 6 blocks are finished 3 to go and borders and sashing.  Have a couple of week until have to enter the quilt so I will wait until I have the centre of the quilt done before I make my official entry though I will have until August to finish it.  Don't think I will enter the CAL It is probably another month until it is finished and I am thinking that I will probably make it bigger so it might not be ready in time.

I finished the 2nd Loose Feathers design on the weekend.  I think I will do no 4 next and i may move the order around.   No 5 is my least favourite so I'm think about putting it in No 9' s place.  I am waiting on some more threads, though I can probably safely use substitutes but I do like the subtle colour change of the weeks threads but they do become a bit costly.  

I'm on the hunt for the correct blue for dutch sampler.  I found the perfect thread in one of my thread boxes but the number had fallen off the thread holder.  I have tried to use the colour chart for cosmo thread  but I've managed to purchase the wrong colour each time, so as a last resort I have sent off some of the thread to a shop in Victoria to see if they can match it for me as a last resort I'll see if DMC has some (I much prefer using Cosmo).

That's it for me this week.  Hope you have managed 15 minute a day.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is going.  

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Kate said...

The Loose Feather stitchery looks really nice. Those are such tiny stitches! We've had a relatively cool summer so far, but will probably change this week. Good luck with your search for the perfect blue. The SIT really struggled with finding the right color graduations for her rainbow mandala she's stitching on. Have a good weekend. Stay warm.