17 June 2024

15 Minute and Decisions

 Another busy week just flew by.  Work was a bit manic trying to make up for the public holiday.  Feeling a bit more on top of things today but still have lots to get done, decided to work from home tomorrow so I can have a good stretch of uninterrupted  hours to get through some of my tasks done.  

I have a decision to make for one of my new starts.   What should be my centre for this quilt.  I only have 1m of the fabric and of course the bird I like is at the top and bottom of the 1m piece.  The last image is the one I want to go with but the girls think I need a more central image.  

My reasoning is that the focal point of the last bird is the centre and the flower on the left also faces the centre.  It would be easy if I like the parrot but I don't like that particular bird (it is also in the centre of the fabric piece so makes it an easier choice, but its a hard no from me.  

The pattern also has a few more smaller frames like this around the edge which I think will be perfect for more birds 

I'm going to let it sit for a while, do some more of the frame and make a decision latter.  

I've made a bit more progress on my crochet square but need to give it a rest my shoulder is causing me some grief if I do too much.  Back to more sewing this week.  

Head to Kates to catch up with everyone.  

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