01 October 2007

It's Spring

One of my favourite spring time flowers is Geralton Wax. They are the perfect drought tolerant plant, I don't think this bush has been watered since last summer and it is absolutely magnificent this year.
I have two bushes. One (the lighter pink flowers) we bought at the Native Plant Sale which is held I think once a year. The way they are cultivated they are virtually guaranteed to out grow plants that you buy in a garden shop. Within 12 months I had a large bush covered in flowers. The other bush is still tiny and it was just bought in a standard pot and is only 50cm high and there is only 6 months difference in planting. The original is about 1.5 m all round and has been butchered every year after flowering. Now it is just a pink ball.
Might have to head back to the sale this year (if I haven't missed it) and get some more they just look fabulous.

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Litamora's Patchwork and Quilting said...

This is the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen? Wonder if you can get them in Norway. Do you know the Latin name on them?
You have a nice blog:-)