09 January 2008

Birthday Swap

I signed up this year to a birthday swap with the Passion for Primitive group that I am in and the first pressie needs to be made and sent off before the end of the month. It has been so hot here that I just haven't felt like sewing but on Saturday when it was 40 something and the evap airconditioner wasn't doing anything I decided to spend some quality time with the reverse cycle airconditioner in my sewing room and get a start on the first project. As the prim girls have been known to drop into my blog from time to time I can't really give to much away the idea came from the Quilting Arts Gift Magazine that came out just before Christmas (in the US) but I saw it in a newsagent the other day here in Oz if you want to have a look.

The result is entirely prim (well not at all) but the first birthday girl mentioned a favourite colour and I decided to get my dyes out and have a go with some vintage fabric, including some basinet sheets that my mother kept and I used them with my kids so they are well worn and some vintage swiss lace a damask table napkin and a voile table cloth that was just the right colour from the 50 or 60's and some lovely vintage images and a few other bits and pieces. Now I just have to work out a way to get it to her without it getting too squished. Here is a sneak peak I'll post more photo's when the birthday is over. The other thing about this birthday swap is that I am next this year will be the big 40.

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