12 October 2008

I don't know what happened to my time but I didn't set aside any for the usual Cake extravaganza that usually happens at the kids birthdays so a tower of cupcakes was the birthday cake for my son's 8th birthday with the family. As you can see from my daughters picture they went down all right.


Lorraine said...

Nothing wrong with the tower of cupcakes for the birthday boy! Love the green icing...and madam seems to be enjoying them!

Jill said...

Yes Amanda, I had one of those days last week. After quite afew days in bed with a virus decided had to get up and do some washing but machine decided to flood floor instead much to number one cats disgust. Well maybe better luck with vacuum cleaner but no two sweeps of the floor and lots of noise but no action. Well it is time to cook the evening meal any way. Get prepared, light the gas.... what no gas! Think I should have just stayed in bed.
Jill (from Pat Sloan Riverlea days - have just found your blog so hope you are tha Amanda from Riverlea.)