14 January 2010

Probably Shouldn't Be...

Doing this but...its all set up and I just did a little bit.... this evening.

Have had a minor surgery set back seems I have an infection so Dr did some tests this afternoon and put me on antibiotics ... you know the super dooper type the ones the size of a small torpedo which is going to do wonders for my systems better crack that bottle of probiotics.

The other day I got an email from my favourite dress shop (Flower) they were having a sale.  As I am not allowed to drive I got DH to take me as we were half way there when I went to see the surgeon.  Normally I don't want him anywhere near me when I do clothes shopping (I like to keep a certain amount of mystery about the process of getting clothes in my cupboard) but I really wanted a couple of tops that were on special, which in the end, they didn't have in the colours I wanted but I found some colours I liked only they weren't on sale but I decided I still needed them.  Then just as I was about to leave I decided to see if my most comfortable trousers ever came in other  colours.  They are linen like fabric I got them in white before Christmas now I have them in beige (they also had them in slate grey but I thought that might be pressing it) and like most of Flower's clothes they are super comfortable and ooooh soooo flattering to the less than perfect figure.   If you go to a Flower's shop I dare you to get just one piece.


Gail said...

looks like I need to come to SA just to go to this shop!!!!! Hope you are better soon.

Lorraine said...

Hope all goes well with the recovery....loving what you are doing with that quilting! Take it easy...don't overdo it! ...and you have managed to fit some clothes shopping in as well...! good effort!

Lisa said...

Good work get some shopping in! I love your quilting too, you are doing such a great job of it. Make sure you don't overdo it won't you.

Leanne said...

There wasn't suppose to be cloth shopping in that trip.

~Tonya said...

Hello Amanda! This is the first time stopping by your blog and I see you have found mine ;)

You have a WONDERFUL BLOG and live in such a GORGEOUS place (the land down-under)! I love the pictures here, on your blog. SO very pretty.

You just had major surgery and should take it slow and take care of yourself. Make sure you take all of your meds. Good thoughts being sent your way.

I am going to add you to my blog, I hope that is okay.

Love the quilting! So very pretty and such a wonderful colour.

Have a great evening and the shop you spoke of sounds so very neat.