20 January 2010

Tail Feathers + Giveaway Alert

While I have been "doing nothing" I have been stitching these little darlings.  As you can see I haven't started the applique yet as I like to do that last but might have to start as I have nearly finished the stitchery on block 6 and I don't have any more blocks made.  Please ignore the first two blocks I got the placement of the applique all wrong so I will have the two birds facing each other here and I might have to juggle the last two blocks to make it balance out.

Check out this You Sew Girl blog for a little girl dress pattern give away.


Sue said...

Looking good!!!! Way ahead of me. Will have to get it out and re-visit it I think!! Cheers S

Beeshebags said...

That looks great....can't wait to see it finished. Hugs Naomi (Another Adelaide gal!)

Lynda said...

Looks fantastic Amanda - I love the colours you have chosen. I have 3 blocks pieced and am hoping to prepare some more over the weekend.