28 January 2010

Squids Birthday

It is the Squid's 7th birthday today.  She was very excited and couldn't get to sleep last night.  Here she is opening her brother's parcel.

And the next one is her main pressie THE SEWING MACHINE.

She also got Printee's (thanks Sue for doing some shopping for me) and a couple of Sewing Books by the Possibility Girls who do some fantastic Kids Learn to Sew Books and a Make It Kit from Hetties which is a Bunny to stitch and stuff.  So  I see a lot of Mother/Daughter bonding happening.

Here it is all set up ready for her when she comes home from school.


Sue said...

A very happy birthday to the little princess. I hope she has a nice day. That machine is just the cutest thing. Good luck with the mother/daughter sewing and all the creating that will be happening. Good luck for party day as well. Cheers S

Kris said...

Happy birthday Squid! It was my daughter's birthday yesterday, and mine today! (Great time of year to have a birthday!)

Leanne said...

Happy birthday young lady. Have you worked out the foot to peddle problem.

Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday Squid!! HOpe you have many happy hours stitching on that new machine...looks very cute!!