24 January 2010

Love/Hate Relationship

No not marital problems ... my love/hate relationship is with BottomLine.  When it works it looks fantastic on a quilt, trouble is I am having problems and I am well past the point of no return on the Christmas Tree Quilt.  At first I had trouble with the tension slipping after a few stitches.  Fixed this by passing the bobbin thread through the little hole in arm of the bobbin case.  Then it all worked fantastic for over a week then the last two days the top thread started shredding uggggrrrrr.

The good thing with Superior Threads is they have an excellent education program on their website with lots of troubleshooting information.  So after an hour of swearing I decided to get the laptop out and refer to it.  Found out that the thread needed to come off sidewise of the spook.  Ok fixed that.... so got a bit longer before the shredding started ... don't know why it worked perfectly for a whole week though before this.  Ok the shredding is now down to every ten minutes my second problem is the Glue Baste that I use which isn't supposed to glug up your needle well it is....

I found if I soaked the needle in non acetone nail polish remover it came off (Don't tell the quilt police).  So now I am rotating 3 needles and leaving them to soak.  I don't know if it is the fact that the needles I am using have a channel running the length of the shaft or whether I just used too much glue in the section I am working on at the moment.  Either way I won't be glue basting again and I won't be using bottom line on a large project again so it will be back to signature thread which is way more forgiving.


Leanne said...

Sounds like a divorce to me. I only have had problems with spray baste when I do Kellie's type of quilting perhaps it is the tightness of it ????

camcas said...

I have an aurora 440QE bernina and I have the same problem with bottomline so i sympathize with your frustration