28 November 2011

Girly Day Update

Progress was made on teachers gifts, but I was thinking that I would have them finished but as you can see they are only halfway there and I still have another one to do.  Got to say love the blue one and am going to make another for myself.

Squid took a pile of Molly Makes and decided and the Cheeky boy Hamster from one of the issues.  The front is finished, we'll work on his back another day.  She didn't last the whole day and Dad came to pick her up just after lunch and she went home for a swim.  We had another girlie day today because she pulled a sickie... she has been very quiet so I don't think she was faking it.  Hopefully she will be up for school tomorrow.


Shay said...

I'm really liking those teacher gifts and I bet the teachers will too. Love the names embroidered on them.

Poor Squid- hope she feels better soon!

Leanne said...

Well done Squid on the sewing. Love the teachers gifts.