06 April 2012

Favourite Things Friday

My favourite thing this week is a week where everything falls into place and ends with a 6 day break from work in which I don't have to get up early to take the kids to school.

Quilting/Designing Mojo has been a bit down recently , but this week I found out that my BOM has done well and that the initial number of patterns/kits have been all sold (big relief I would have hated Sarah to have to hold on to patterns that didn't sell).  Quilters Harvest have finished piecing their version of my quilt and it is currently being quilted and they are taking names for the BOM.

I also picked up some fabric for some secret squirrel stuff for later in the year.  Tuesday, played with EQ in the afternoon and have the blocks settled on just have to do some drawing for the stitcheries.  Tomorrow I am shopping for threads.  Sarah also asked me to try making some birdies for a display for Country Bumpkins Beating Around the Bush Stitching Convention Stitchers Village Fair.  So I think design/mojo block might be over.
birdie production line

2 weeks ago Maestro said to us that he wanted to play winter tennis, but he still wanted to play footy.  He had his name down for school footy which is played at the same time, so could we get him into a club which is played on Sunday (the season starts next week).   A club we had tried earlier in the year was full but we happened to find out another local club was still asking for members, of course by the time we applied his year was full but we were told to come to training and they would see if they could jiggle things around.  Wednesday night found out that Maestro got into the club.  Thursday we confirmed he could play winter tennis.  There goes any free weekends.

Thursday I had 3 appointments plus get Maesto to footy practice, I also hadn't done any shopping for the weekend including the all important bunny run.  I was also hoping for a postal delivery but as wasn't going to be home and this delivery is never left I knew that it was a long shot that I was going to get it before the weekend.

My appointment's all finished with time to spare, so I shopped between nail appointment and going to the podiatrist BONUS.

My heel pain has improved so much I didn't need to get fitted for orthotics, so she removed all the calluses from my feet.   My feet are now soft as a babies, in fact  the bottoms of my feet are quite beautiful now if I do say so myself ..... wonder if she will let me book in to have it done once every couple of months.  When she pulled out the scalpel I was a bit concerned that it was going to hurt, it didn't one little bit.

I got home to find postie had left a note to pick up the parcel after 5pm (right in the middle of footy practice).  I had 10 minutes to spare before picking up the kids from school so headed to the post office at 2pm, even if it was just to ask if they would be open on Saturday and the parcel was there.  Love a day when all the ducks aline in a neat little row.  I have my mixed media kit ready to have a play.

Apart from the fact I booked into the wrong online class, and now have booked into 2 online classes at the same time which might be a little bit of a stretch, but one is a finish at your own pace.  Yesterday would have just been perfect.

Today being Good Friday we traditionally had lunch at my MIL.  I bought Maestro a piece of red salmon as he doesn't really like other fish.  My MIL is of the opinion that fish has to be cooked within an inch of its life, I told her to leave the salmon to me, which she pretty much did, but I know she was nervous when I announced that it was cooked when I did.

Now I have a date with this little guy... in fact he's already gone this post has taken longer than I anticipated, and I feel a bit sick, but the week has been pretty perfect all round.  Amazing what a change in attitude will do for your.

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Kate said...

That is a great favorite. It's rare to have a week like that, so good for you.

I can sympathize with the double up on footy and tennis, the Drama Teen swims on a club and plays volley ball for both school and with a club. Swimming is year round, but we'll get a break in volley ball over the summer. Well maybe not, I think she's picked out some volleyball camps. Oh well we at least know they aren't getting into any mischief, they don't have time!

ThreeOldKeys said...

you should try to keep busy.

i'm kidding - your schedule and creativity are amazing. sounds like you're such a good mom.

and i hope that easter bunny was delicious.

thea said...

Nice favorite! Good to have a week when things are good all around!

Shay said...

I envy you the 6 day break Amanda. Im back to work this morning.

Congratulations on the pattern success. That’s wonderful news!

And like you I love it when the planets align and everything falls into place.

PS. I have one of those Lindt bunnies lurking by the side of my bed. Dangerous!