16 April 2012

Mixed Media Monday

Bit late for Mixed Media Monday, but I just didn't feel like doing anything yesterday, just needed a bit of a down day yesterday, I think I am fighting off a bit of a bug.  I sat and watched a Jane Austen film and sewed 1/2" hexagon's instead.  Will show you them for the 15 minute challenge.

Last week I signed up for a couple of lettering courses.  One commenced in February and all the lessons are up ready to go. This one just started last week and I am still struggling to get one of the pens that we need next week, but I think I have sourced it interstate so will order one soon.  I decided this evening to do some more of the first lesson (there are 15 in all and the first 4 are up on the web ... yes I am already behind but there is no time limit on the lessons so no stress).   There is a Facebook group and some of the work already posted is way beyond what I can do so I don't think I will be posting for a while.  Lots and Lots of Practice is what is needed.  But the lessons are pretty easy and there is lots of help from the teacher when you need it.

Catch you next week and we will see if I have got much further in the course, one more week of school holidays so I am not holding out much hope.

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Shay said...

Im reading Mansfield Park at the moment. Really enjoying it.

1/2 inch hexies...are you mad woman?