27 April 2012

Favourite Things Friday

This weeks favourite things friday is a bit of an obsession at the moment.

It is crochet.

As a girl I remember doing lots of granny squares, they always turned out a bit wavy, I think my Nan and I learnt together.  Mum could never crochet she was left handed and could never get the nack (she knitted right handed and it always had such perfect tension it looked like it was done by machine).  I can't knit any more it really hurts my hands, but I have jumped back into crochet with a gusto.

I have never read patterns before but I now have started too, with a little bit of help from Lorraine (Hetties Patch).  My confidence is growing and now I am searching for what to do next.  I have been searching Bendigo Woollen Mills Shop for more colours.  I have a big list that I am going to buy once the flowers are all done. I did get this lovely yellow cotton to go with the flowers and I have started the task of joining them together, I will have to let you know how the joining goes.  I am using one of the tutorials on Attic24's blog which seems quite helpful.

Pinterest has been quite helpful for finding patterns that I just have to had.  It took me a few hours to track down a Japanese Book that I just had to have.  Now I have to decide which project I will work on next, a hexagon rug, or a ripple rug.  Decisions.

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Nikki said...

Looking good! No wavy bits!

There's something terribly satisfying about watching yarn turn into fabric, isn't there?

Katie said...

That little block is so cute. what's not to love.

Katie said...

That little block is so cute. what's not to love.

Marg said...

Love crochet, just haven't had much time to do it lately, as I spend all my creative time quilting. i would like to get back into it though,

Kate said...

I never learned to knit or crochet. It looks like fun.

Shay said...

Cant crochet. Marg tried to teach me a year ago and I haven't touched it since.

Yours is lovely. That's another thing you're good at . I think you are seriously one of the most accomplished people I know.

thea said...

Your crocheting is quite lovely. Nice to have something you're so good at.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh that is gorgeous Amanda. I love beautiful crochet. Glad you have a new passion.