02 April 2012

Mixed Media Monday

There hasn't been much been going on in the Mixed Media department this week so I will leave you with some inspirational blogs to check out.

The Altered Page  currently featuring Mixed Media Artists over 31 days.  Lots of talented people here show casing there art.

Design Memory Craft - Faber Castell blog with lots of how to videos.

The art of Sarah Donnell - a talented local artist

Cynthia Frenette - Found this lady through Cloth Paper Scissors she is one of there Designers of the year. Great stuff, she has a spoon flower shop, etsy shop and she will be releasing a range of fabric soon.

Joanne Sharpe - I think I am going to do her online Lettering workshop.

That's it for this week.  My lap top is playing up, better back it all up tonight.


Shay said...

Thanks for sharing those links Amanda. Not every week can be a hive of activity!

libbyquilter said...

i miss seeing your mixed media but love that you left some links. thanks~! now i'm off to check them out.


Kate said...

Fun links. I love the mixed media work, but My Guy would kill me if I took over any more space with one more hobby!