12 April 2012

It must be Thursday

First week of the school holidays is nearly over.  I had plans to do some tie dyeing with the kids, but one is MIA over at Nana's so that was not going to happen.

7 little birdies are all finished and I needed to drop them of at Sarah's so I talked Squid into coming along with the bribe of morning tea at Brighton, and maybe a bit of a shopping trip to Harbor Town.

I am doing a couple of online Lettering Courses and I am on the hunt for supplies, one in particular is proving to be a little difficult to find, going to have to start making phone calls I think.  Found a couple of items at Art to Art, but the elusive Parallel Pen was not to be found.  Squid purchased some items for craft and I decided to wait until I needed the pens before I rush in and buy them.

A flying visit (Squid was starving apparently) to Sarah's to drop of the brood and then we headed to Jetty Road for cake and a sandwich.  We dropped into Patchwork by Sea, they stock the full range of Cosmo Thread as well as the one on the spool.

There happened to be gelati stall, so Squid had to have one of those as well and we sat by the beach and ate it.    I had to take a picture of her in the air.  Thats the bowl of gelati in her hand by this stage a bit of a slushy mess and I thing a fair bit of it landed in the sand.  We then walked along the Jetty, Squid likes this jetty because there are no holes in it, it is all cement.  I'm afraid it doesn't have the same character as the old Grange Jetty, but at least it looks well maintained.

We headed home and then down to our beach to take the dog for a walk.  We are now filling in time before we need to leave to take Maestro to footy practice.

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Susie said...

The online lettering courses sound interesting.....