09 April 2012

Mixed Media Monday

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter.  We headed to the pictures this morning and saw Mirror Mirror.  We all enjoyed it, it was not saccharine sweet and had a bit of an edge to it, and Julia Roberts was a great Wicked Queen.

I have managed to do some sewing, and some mixed media this weekend as well as spend plenty of time with family, eating too much chocolate and generally relaxing.

I picked up my Mixed Media kit for the month on Thursday just in time for the long weekend and I finished Project 1 from the tutorial yesterday.  Lots of different techniques in this one.  I decided I didn't care for one of the products, which is good because I was toying with the idea of buying a whole set of them so we will scratch that idea.

I joined a couple of online courses one of which starts at midnight (US time) and I have just checked and it is up ready to go so I might have to have a bit of a look this afternoon and maybe a bit of a play, I joined late so I haven't had time to collect all the requirements, might have to raid the kids stash of texta's for now.

Catch you next week.

1 comment:

libbyquilter said...

wonderful work~!
isn't it great when we can experiment with products before making the leap to buy them~!?

being a Julia Roberts fan, i'd like to see that movie . . . thanks for the quick review.