05 September 2012

15 Minute Challenge

After 3 beautiful spring days and one hot and windy day yesterday winter has returned.  We woke up to rain this morning, which will freshen everything up after the north wind yesterday.  Here are some camellias' from my MIL's garden.  This bush I my favourite from the 3 or 4 she has it is about 2m tall and is covered in buds and flowers.   At the moment only the top half is flowering and I bet it took a beating yesterday with the heat and wind so I am glad that I took this photo on Sunday.

The borders of the quilt continue this week.  I am up to appliquéing the fans of the final border and I hope to finish that tonight.  I have even made inroads into the pattern writing.

My hubby had the day off yesterday, we went to my son's class he was presenting his RTA which is basically a project on a subject.  The student research the topic and then present for 9 minutes.  We have lived and breathed this project for a couple of months now.  His topic was Amelia Earheart, he made a replica of her plane from card we found the model on  the internet (www.fiddlersgreen.net) and he spoke very well and managed to embellished his presentation with more information than he had written on the cue cards which was fantastic.  He got an A.

I hope to start working on a couple of other projects that have been commissioned this week and then start quilting next week.  I have been quilting the quilt in my head for a few days now which is what I usually do before heading to the machine with it.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else has met the challenge this week.


Kris said...

Busy week! Well done to your son. Speaking in public can be quite hard. Hope you get everything done you have planned for next week. (I'm keen to see your quilting on that quilt!)

thea said...

Nice week! I've been doing some piecing in my head (hope it translates well). Congrats to your son on his presentation. I used to have such a hard time with oral presentations.

Kate said...

Spring sounds like such a nice thing after the brutal summer we've had. Hope it lasts long enough for you to enjoy it.

Congrats to your Son on his successful presentation. Public speaking from what I've read is either the number 1 or very close to the number one fear of people.

Good luck with your new projects. Looking forward to seeing what you are dreaming up.