26 September 2012

15 Minute Challenge

Its school holidays this week and my son had a birthday party/sleepover so there have been a couple of misses this week.  Sunday night virtually no sleep on Saturday night and managing to drop the centre medallion from the Lancaster Quilt into my Hot Chocolate I gave up attempting to achieve anything.  At the moment most of my creative time has been spent writing patterns.  I have made great headway though and might even have all the wordy bits done by the end of the week.

Yesterday I did have a mixed media play date with Squid.  The other week I got the book Mixed Media  Girls with Suzi Blu after scouring Adelaide for Prismacolor pencils (have to buy the individually) as the colours weren't in the multi packs that I could afford.    Here is my effort which I am impressed with for a first attempt.  Still have to apply the bees wax over the top which will give it a more softer look.  Squid was a bit less impressed with her effort, I endeavoured to explain to her that this sort of painting doesn't have to be perfect, lots of tears were involved so I was regretting the play date idea by the end. She got over it when I managed to totally obliterate my girls face with paint layers and had to scrub hard to retrieve it.  

If I can remember it the week kinda of went like this.

Wednesday: stitched hanging sleeve
Thursday: Photo shoot for Soul Stitches (very unsuccessful must get back to that)
Friday: pattern writing, lancaster quilt
Saturday: pattern writing
Sunday : sleep
Monday: pattern writing
Tuesday: mixed media play date

Head on over to Kate's to see who met the challenge this week.


libbyquilter said...

sounds like you're getting something done even if not every day.

the mixed media piece is so sweet~!


thea said...

Seems like you did something crafty most days and probably more than 15 minutes when you did ..

Kate said...

Your mixed media piece turned out beautifully.

Some weeks life trumps sewing. I'd say pattern drafting counts.