19 September 2012

15 Minute Challenge

Another week of not much blogging but lots and lots of stitching, at least I am keeping up with the challenge.  The quilt is finished, now I need to get into pattern writing and cutting instructions for the BOM. The quilt is called Soul Stitches.

Last week I also started another quilt, it is Lancaster by Sue Daley.  I picked up the paper piecing kit at Sarah's Sue Daley workshop and have been itching to start stitching but I wanted to get Soul Stitches finished first.  As I can't do lots of machine quilting all at once I needed something to stitch at night... that was my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Here is the centre medallion for the quilt.  The centre diamond is from some fabric I had in my stash and it just screamed fussy cut.  I have basted about 100 clamshell (need 50 for the centre) but will need 300 for the borders.  I am joining the clam shells which will form the corners of the centre square it is quite relaxing and I got a heap done in the couple of nights that I have sat down to do it.

Back to Soul Stitches, the Golden Paper was a complete success and is really quite easy to remove there are a few tiny bits in the stitching here and there but they should wash out when I remove the glue baste ( I used a quick spray of glue baste to secure the paper in place the instructions say pin).

Now for the running sheet, the week kinda went like this.

Wednesday: Quilting, Lancaster clam shells
Thursday: Lots and Lots of quilting
Friday: more quilting and more clam shells
Saturday: finished quilting and prepared binding
Sunday: binding binding binding
Monday:finished binding
Tuesday: stitched down hanging sleeve.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge this week.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

OH WOW, that medallion is gorgeous!

Kate said...

Soul Stitches is beautiful and so is your new medallion project. Love the fussy cutting.

thea said...

That medallion is beautiful and so very intricate! Love Soul Stitches too.

FloS said...

Your center medallion is great !!
I love all the quilts Sue showed us !! Now I can understand what you told me ... how to become an addict of English paper piecing !!!
One day...I will make a big one !