12 September 2012

15 Minute Challenge

I have been neglecting the blog, but I have been busy.  There have been quite a few facebook posts on the Seabreeze Page.  I am in the middle of quilting the next bom quilt.  I have also been worked extra this week,  September is our busiest month and believe me it has been a long month already and we aren't 2 weeks in yet.

I had a mini clean up in the sewing room in preparation for quilting.  The fact that I couldn't see the sewing table made it kind of no option at all.  When I was cleaning up I found a roll of golden quilting paper and I thought I'd give it a go with quilting the quilt.   I knew I wanted motives all over the quilt but I wanted it to be a bit more uniform that the usual make it up as a go along kind of quilting that I tend to do.  I drew some daisies in various sizes to fit the various blocks.  The golden paper is transparent enough to see though for placing and once it is stitched tears easily away from the stitches without disrupting those stitches.  Removing the paper after stitching is a bit of a chore but I was able to remove them from the first 3 stitched blocks in about an hour and while I did it finished off the thread ends as well.

The stitcheries are always a little problematic.  In the past I probably would have left the blocks unquilted, but a while ago I heard a long arm quilter say that she thought stitchery blocks should be quilted as as the quilt ages the blocks tend to gape and lift.  I now carefully stitch around the embroidery, usually only those bits that have the thicker stitches, like satin stitch and chain stitch and it helps to anchor the stitchery blocks and gives the embroidery a bit more of a lift and makes them pop out from the quilt.

On to the run down the week has gone like this

Wednesday: border fans
Thursday: border fans
Friday: stitched the final border on
Saturday: made up backing fabric and sandwiched the quilt
Sunday: started quilting
Monday: more quilting and stencil making
Tuesday: more quilting, removing paper and thread end sewing.

I am pretty sure the next week will be more of the quilting, removing paper and end sewing and hopefully binding as well.  

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge this week.


Kris said...

A busy week indeed! The paper sounds interesting. I had to clear my desk on Monday to start quilting a couple of quilts I basted last week. It's amazing how stuff accumulates!

thea said...

Very busy and productive week. You may not be blogging but you sure are sewing!

Kate said...

I've seen that paper in one of the quilt magazines. Glad to know that it works.

Great week on the sewing front, if not the blogging front. It's hard to do much on either front when the work schedule gets crazy. Hang in there, September is half over.