02 October 2012


Its school holidays at the moment, 2 and bit weeks (kids have pupil free day on Monday) of a break from the routine.  The last week in September is my busiest time at work, my hubby usually has some of the days that I work off so I was able to work a few extra hours guilt free and fingers crossed this week will be a little more sane.

We've been to a couple of movies, had a birthday party, the kids have done lots of outdoor activities because the weather has been pretty fantastic most of the time as well as just vegging out and recovering from a busy term of sport and school activities.  Squid has had a cough/cold for most of the holidays and getting her to veg is pretty easy but my son is the Energiser Bunny and getting him to rest even though he has had lingering injuries from Footy/tennis/playground has been challenging.

Sunday we had a couple of hours to fill in and we headed to the Old Adelaide Gaol, which my son had wanted to visit for some time now.  My hubby works for the government department that looks after it and has visited the Gaol numerous times as part of work so he new his way round so we didn't have to wait for the official tour, but it probably be worth going back when we had more time and listen to more of the stories.  There are plenty of gruesome exhibits and the well placed mannequins gave the kids a few jumpy moments.  My son wants to go to the twilight tour but I think the place was creepy enough during the day without heading there at night.

Yesterday I headed to AMQF, because of work I really couldn't do any classes, but I did hit the Venders hall yesterday and saw the quilt Exhibition and now I am seriously thinking of looking for a second job to help fund one of these little babies, because I had a bit of a play yesterday and it is amazing.


Kris said...

Oh I am sooo jealous! Would love to have gone and tried one of those out. Tell me all about it! What was it like? What did you think? How much dosh are they talking? They seem like my kind of thing for sure.

Shay said...

I saw a Sweet 16 a few weeks ago and immediately started scheming about how I could afford one. I finally acknowledged I cant at the moment and so its on my list in case we ever win lotto.

Hope you survive what's left of the holidays.