06 December 2012

AAH I missed it

I think it is the first time in a long time I have missed the 15 minute challenge.  Have to say though that the 15 minutes were done and dusted well and truly but I just haven't had time to think about a blog post.

The roof is nearing completion however the noise has sent me out during my free days, though I think I am staying home today.  They are working at the other end of the house and have one more small triangle of tiles to replace and then all the roof capping to go on.  It has been a very long week.

I have been working on pressies for the girls this week and have been putting off the last teachers present which is still sitting half constructed on my dining room table.  I'm going to have to set aside an hour or 2 this weekend to finish that.

The major achievement this week is that the kids and hubbies shopping for Xmas is done and I have completed my MIL's Xmas shopping as well.  The last few years she has sprung it on me the last week of Xmas that she hasn't done it, so this year I pre-empted her and did it on Tuesday.  Now is just the adult presents and I have some ideas so it shouldn't be difficult and I think a bit of might get done during my trip to Melbourne next week.

Yesterday I headed to T2 and did some major credit card damage and could have done a whole lot more but I didn't have enough hands.  Very tempted to do some more online shopping in the next couple of weeks leading up to Xmas as I have a free shipping voucher.... maybe if I can scrounge some money from the roof fund....there were some gorgeous tea cups calling my name and maybe even another tea pot.


thea said...

You still could have linked up .. good to hear that your roof is just about done. never heard of T2 before, but it looks like a nice place to shop ..

Shay said...

Last time I went to T2 I did some major card damage too!

Kate said...

Roof finished and well on your way to having all the Christmas shopping done, no wonder you missed the challenge. But I bet it feels really good to be done/moving along on both counts.