26 December 2012

Xmas Aftermath

I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas.

This year I set out to have a Xmas with no stress, I thought I had my hubby's family under control my MIL's shopping was done weeks ago.  This year my BIL decided to give the kids money but told them to go and buy the presents to put under the tree. I did not stress, but if he does it to us again next year I will string him up.

Having a couple of days off before Xmas was wonderful, the table was set on the weekend, I shopped for food on Sunday and stayed away from the madness of the shops on Monday.  The turkey was stuffed  Monday night and it was all ready just to put in the oven Xmas morning. I have to say my turkey was perfect, the best one yet, there were no complaints from the relatives (believe me they are not above letting you know if it isn't up to scratch).

The kids had a lovely day and the dog even behaved herself.

This morning I tried to get back into some study but the kids were having none of it so I will have to wait till they are in bed of an evening.

I think I will start putting together one of my xmas presents this afternoon, I ordered another one of these for my sewing table that will take a good part of the afternoon.


Leanne said...

Glad to hear you had a good day. That present looks interesting does it keep you tidy.

Lorraine said...

Sounds like you were very well organised this year...I agree having the few days off before the big day made a huge difference....good luck putting together your present.....next I would like to see it full of "stuff"!

Kate said...

Glad that your holiday went off without a hitch.

Shay said...

Im playing catch up ...sounds like your Christmas was relatively stress free.

Im curious ...what did the kids buy themselves?