17 December 2012

New Pattern Release and Trip to Melbourne

Let's Stitched is finished and so I am releasing one of the patterns that I made for this event.  It is an iPad Cover it can be made for a man or a lady.  It fits the iPad 2 however if you check the dimensions of the newer iPads you will probably be able to make some minor adjustments to have it fit one of those as well.  It is quite quick to make so if you are quick you could whip a couple up for presents before Xmas.

You can purchase the PDF download here.

In other news I travelled to Melbourne for my work's Xmas lunch.  It was on a Friday this year so I asked for a late Saturday flight home so that I could do a bit of shopping.

First stop was L'uccello, it was lots smaller than I expected but it was packed full of treasures.  I nearly bought the a pair of french embroidery scissors but I resisted, I might get them for my birthday instead.  I did buy some earrings and some wool felt and I even managed to get colours I didn't already have at home.  Next stop was the kimono shop on the same floor and I picked up a couple of more goodies there.  

Here is the Royal Arcade which has lots of speciality shops and I did a bit more shopping here.  Squid wanted some of the lollies from Suga so I obliged and I picked up a little something for Maestro.

I spied the moose in the Nicholas building and as my hubby has always wanted a dead animal on the wall I wondered if this would be ok.  Think I may have had trouble with getting it on the plane home.

It was a fun couple of days and when I got home the solar panels were up.  I was also greeted with the news that the house needs rewiring so that will be another expense in the new year.  What Joy.  

At least the Solar Panels are doing their job.  The first day was overcast and we exceeded our use so we may pay it off sooner than we thought.  


Shay said...

Looks and sounds like you had fun in Melbourne. A kimono shop? I wish we had one of those here ..theyre always made from the most gorgeous fabrics.

Yep- you would have had trouble bringing that moose home on the plane but it would have been fun hearing about how you did it.

Kate said...

Glad you enjoyed your time in Melbourne and found lots of fun shopping.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

You know I live in Vic and still haven't visited Lucello (or however you spell it!!!), must get there. Nice to have a flying visit down. xo