12 December 2012

15 Minute Challenge

The roof is finished, there was a major effort on Thursday and at 3.30 all the workman cleared out, and most of the rubbish has been taken away.  We are just waiting on the old battens to be picked up.  The company has been an absolute pleasure to deal with.  One of the skips damaged some of our pavers and they just offered to reimburse the cost without me having to ask.

Today work starts on the Solar panels and the weather is not being kind to us again with 2 days of 36 and thunderstorms forecast for the next several days.  In fact the tradie has just arrived to get an early start before much of the heat comes in.

I have been a bit slack on the 15 minute challenge the later half of the week.  All my hand sewing for xmas pressies is done and I have been just taking a breather but I'll need to get back to it later this week.    Teachers presents are done and wrapped ready to go with the kids this week.

The week went like this

Wednesday- nothing - coffee with the girls
Thursday - ipad cover,  girls pressies
Friday - ipad cover, girls pressies
Saturday - girls pressies
Sunday - girls pressies
Monday - nothing
Tuesday - nothing

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge.  Apologise for the pictures being a bit grainy but it was very early and the light wasn't the best first thing. I haven't felt like getting my big tree out this year so I have just made this display of some of my handmade ornies at the front door entrance.  This second picture I was trying out the panorama option on the phone.


Leanne said...

Good to hear the roof is on.

Kris said...

Yep, I'm in favour of intact rooves too! I love your display. Such a sweet little tree!

Kate said...

Still 4 days out of 7 isn't shabby, especially if you've got your Christmas stuff all done.

I like the grainy photos, it gives them an "aged" look.

Lisa said...

I spy mouse there! Gorgeous tree.

Shay said...

So glad the roof is done. Now you can concentrate on those solar panels !

I really adore your display Amanda. Tres Cute!