23 September 2007

Bicentennial Conservatory

Been a bit under the weather this last week but came good in time for a couple of things with the kids. On Thursday my daughter had her kindy sports large gold star medal at the end.

On Friday I headed into the city with my son's class to visit the Bicentennial Conservatory to watch a talk on mini beasts (invertebrates for everyone else). Here is a picture of the outside of this magnificent building.

Inside there is a path that takes you through the middle then up through the canopy. The next picture is of a Jade Flower which is an unusual shade of blue. On the forest floor there were piles of the spent flowers. This picture was taken from the upper path , so I was probably 3-4 metres up in the air.

The Noisy Pitta Pitta (birds introduced to help keep down the insect population) were quite tame and weren't afraid of the children making lots of noise through the forest and we were able to get close up.

The mini beast talk kept all the 6&7 year olds enthralled and they got to hold a rainforest cockroach which was as big as their hands.

We rounded out the day with a treasure hunt through the botanical gardens with 10 questions for the kids to answer as they made their way back to the main entrance. As you can see from the photo's it was a beautiful day in the low 20's and I slept very well on Friday night.

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