04 September 2007

Great Father's Day

Why do my kids manage to always sleep in during the week and then get up at the crack of dawn on the weekend. That is what happened on father's day, so tripped down to the local cafe which is on the beach at Grange and had a lovely breakfast as it was a beautiful day here and then a walk along the beach was in order. We had had some rough weather during the week and there was lots of stuff washed up on the shore which my son was intent on bringing back home with him, we talked him out of it.
Had a great day at work yesterday, they finally got a new computer after 7 years and just in the nick of time. The hard disk had been failing for weeks and when the tech transferred the data he had trouble, then I wanted to fire it up to check something and we couldn't get it going at all. So two years of nagging finally paid off. I spent all day loading software and getting internet and email working, got told off for using the phone line for too long I think the next nagging will be they should have broadband. But I love playing with a new computer!

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