28 September 2007

Shopping Trip

Yesterday I headed down to Hetties Patch because on a previous visit I had seen some fabric I just had to have to do Gail Pan's BOM Seasons. Gail's original quilt uses lots of repro and burgandy and greens but they really aren't my colours so I decided on these for a nice fresh crisp look.

As I was about to leave the store I spied some pinnies all made up and decided that I just had to have the pattern.

I started it last night and finished the final touch this afternoon. Unlike the pattern I decided to make mine reverseable with a slightly different pocket configuration on each side. I used Robyn Pandolph's Chateau Roccoco which I have sitting in a basket for quite a while and didn't know what to do with it.


JustCindy said...

The pinnie is too cute. I might just have to add one to my list of things I want to do.

Leanne said...

Don't you just love shopping trips to Hettie's.

Juliann in WA said...

That is a lovely pile of fabric. Enjoy.