16 September 2007

Girls Night In

Girls Night In is another initiative of the Cancer Council. The idea is that you have a Girls Night In in October and donate money that you would have spent on a girls night out. So the hubby is away for the night and my mother-in-law will have the kids and I am going to throw a Girls Night In. The Theme is Craftin and Bitchin. I decided on the craft theme because I am looking after a craft stall to raise money for the playgroup that my daughter attends and thought it was a good way to get lots of the mums to join in and help make some things to sell instead of just a couple which is what happened last year.

The idea is that they bring any craft (embroidery, scrap booking, beading whatever) that they want to do and I’ll set up a couple of tables OR they can just bring themselves and enjoy a yummy supper and good company.

I will dangle a couple of my best recipes and enticements like my Lime and Passionfruit Syrup Cake and my Lemon Butter butterfly cakes and maybe a few more from my book of tricks. Hopefully it will be a fun night and we will raise some money for the Cancer Council.

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Juliann in WA said...

Sounds like a fun evening. I always get so much done when I go to a craft evening with my friends. And it is good to be together. Enjoy.