14 December 2009


I have been busy really I have.

I have been working on these they are cookie bags for the kids teachers, sorry about the pictures, I am having all sorts of problems taking photo's at the moment.

I have also been making other pressies for my nail lady, hairdresser and the sewing girls... can't show you these yet that will have to be tomorrow.

I have also been cutting out leaves for this....I asked Kellie how many and she says about 600 which depressed me greatly then I went and cut another 70 leaves after I had already cut 120 to get over it. Only 400 +more to go. Must admit I am not happy with the glueing down the seams after the first 50 I had had enough. I have decided to use the Thimblelady Marking pen (not a marking pen as such but a kind of fabric folder) which made the hole process a lot quicker and I can get a nice sharp point which I was finding impossible. Also as I don't wash my fabrics and the sizing stopped some of the seams from sticking.... My solution might make it harder to get them in the right place on the fabric though only time will tell.

My colour way is pink with a twist, basically if it has some pink in it I am using it which will mean that there will be a few ringins like the orange one here but I think it will add a bit of zing to the quilt.

Next is my Material Obsession BOM and here is block 1 nearly finished (they are posting block 5 this week oops). Block 5 is a wonderful big applique centre which I might do next as it is a good take with you block and I am going to need that for a few days in January.


Anonymous said...

Question about BOM #1. I found the directions to be very confusing and when I got to the final stage of putting together the outside and the middle parts I did something wrong. At least I think i did. So did you just center the section on top of the outside ring and sew it down or pin it and sew around the edges. Cuz if it is the ladder I really did something wrong. there is about a 4 inch extra piece. I found this block to be impossible. I quit but am still curious about how it is supposed to go together. Thanks in advance. Lizzie

Leanne said...

Lots of work done there.
Interesting about the Kellie process. I do like your colour choice for the bottom one.