09 August 2012

Choose Your Own Bag Adventure

Here is my first entry into CurlyPops bag adventure.  This was made for my friend Silvia, it was her birthday a couple of weeks ago and we went out to celebrate last night.  I have shown this on my Facebook page but it was without the flower, which Silvia particularly liked when I showed the girls at sewing a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately that flower was a bit fiddly and it became 1 flower instead of the 2 that are on the original pattern.  I think the whole bag involved less swearing than that one flower.  If you want to join in the bag making action head over the CurlyPops here and sign up.  Hopefully I will get to do another one before the month is out.


CurlyPops said...

Oh its absolutely gorgeous Amanda! I'm swooning at the fabric choice too.

Kate said...

Gorgeous bag, especially the flower. It was worth the all the swearing.

Leanne said...

Nice bag ........ You swearing over a flower !!!!!!! LOL