22 June 2014

A little bit of progress but lots of waiting for the postie

The day job has been a bit manic, and I have a bit on with Seabreeze at the moment.

I have been stuck on the design for Project 3 for Xmas in July.  What I wanted to do was in my head but I just couldn't get it to look how it was supposed to.   Then I saw a post from one of the pages I follow which has to do with Art Journaling and I got inspired.  The problem was I was trying to get it perfect where I needed to just do it more free form and it worked.  Now I have a LOT of hand stitching to do but the bit I have done so far is looking like it does in my head.

Project 1 is at a stand still as Australia Post has decided to send the extra fabric by road instead of by plane.  Has anyone ever tried to get customer service from Australia Post lately.  There is no phone number on the website, you can only fill in a form and when you do they say they reply in 2 business days, then they send you an email saying they have more than usual demand for customer service so it will be longer.  So I went into a post office Friday, and they can't help me you have to ring customer service at least they had the phone number... What a Joke.... so half an hour later on hold to be told that it is in transit and will take at least 5 days.  Didn't help that I needed fabric on the weekend.

My stress levels have been up this week, probably because I haven't been walking.  Cold air make me bark like a dog at the moment and as I managed to put my back out with a coughing fit this week I decided not to tempt it.  This morning the sun was shining so I headed out once the sun came up.  It was still freezing cold though.  By the time I came home though the weather had turned but at least it didn't rain for footy.


Pip said...

I think that because Australia Post has got a captive audience (so to speak) they feel they can do what they like in regards to mail delivery. I order fabric from the US, I can track it and it will usually take about 2 days before it leaves the US, after that it can take up to 3 weeks before it will end up in my hands.

Australia Post are apparently trying to save money and they wait until they have a truck load of mail, parcels etc before they send it across to Adelaide.

Shay said...

So darn frustrating! I have noticed that things are taking a lot longer to cross the country lately - its ridiculous that I can get something from OS in 10 days sometimes and it takes a week to get something from two states over. Hope the fabric arrives in time for this weekend!

Kate said...

Sounds like a one down and one to go situation. I do get the part about having a manic day job, add in kiddos schedules and life just goes into overdrive. Hope things slow down for you soon.