18 October 2014

15 Minute Challenge

Kate has brought back the 15 minute challenge a bit differently.  We only report twice a month which is fine.

I really haven't been trying even though I have done something every day for the last 2 weeks, its amazing what happens when a few things slow down, especially the day job and then I feel like doing some stitching in the evening.

Achievements this month: I haven't actually finished anything major but have moved along on a couple of ongoing projects and started a X Stitch.

  1. Started new Blackbird Xstitch which is inspired by the anniversary of the Beatles appearing on a TV show in the US.  I have 3 patterns and I have started on Elinor Rigby because I had suitable colours in the thread stash to start.
  2. Finished half the flying geese blocks to finish my appliqué quilt
  3. Finished cutting out Metro Twist Quilt
  4. Finished 1 block for the Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler (only 5 more to go).  Hoping to report all the blocks finished next time. 
  5. Finished Class samples for a class to be taught but looks like the class will be cancelled, but shop will purchase patterns so not all is lost.  
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Kate said...

That Beatles stitchery project sounds really interesting. You've made a lot of progress and it's just mid-month.

Shay said...

Im impressed by your progress Amanda. It sounds like lots of things are partially completed, and well on the way to being done. What a pity about the cancelled class.

I completely agree that when work slows down there is left over energy at the end of the day to still be creative. I love it when that happens.