28 October 2014

Ta Da - We Have a Finished Quilt top

Last night I put the finishing touches on my appliqué quilt top.  Now it is all ready for quilting.  I'm planning on having a sewing day with the girls on Sunday, and I hope to get it basted as well as do a couple of other projects.

I did post a picture of the quilt on Facebook and instagram but I get the feeling the lens of my phone was a tad dirty as the colours were a bit washed out.  I cleaned it before I took this shot, and this picture is a hundred times better and is a pretty good reflection of the colours of the quilt.   I really enjoyed every aspect of this quilt, it wasn't rushed I didn't have a deadline and I just loved the process.  I'm planning a new appliqué quilt individual blocks this time I think.

I'm still debating wether to make this a pattern or not, I think it will be a great teaching quilt if any SA quilt shops are interested in a weekend class or over a couple of weeks for students to get a good grounding in needle turn because the pieces are relatively big and aren't too intricate.  You can contact me through Facebook or the blog if you are interested and I'll come up with a class plan.

Hows the Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler going? Kate sent me her first 2 blocks to show you.  I really like the fabric she is using.  Don't forget to email me your blocks and I'll post them here.


Shay said...

Its a gorgeous quilt Amanda and looks stunning. Great job on the finish . Cant wait to see what you do with the quilting. Those borders are just fantastic!

Cut my third and fourth block bits yesterday for the CMS. Im having fun using colours and combos I wouldn’t normally use. Hopefully I’ll have two more blocks to show off over the weekend.

Chookyblue...... said...

wow your quilt looks great.........

Kate said...

Wow, gorgeous quilt! Love the colors, it really does look like a spring garden.

I'm almost done with CM block 3 and have block 4 ready to stitch together.