06 October 2014

Amazing Day

We have been talking for months about having a sewing day.  Every couple of weeks I meet up with my quilting buddies, we have coffee, chat and generally catch up with stuff including quilting but it doesn't involve sewing anymore as it all gets too hard sometimes.

As footy is finished, maybe forever except for Crow games I decided to put it on the agenda again and yesterday was the day.  I got a leave pass from the family and headed off with 3 projects because I couldn't decide.  DH made the comment that we would probably just talk all day.   Lots of chatting was to be had but lots of sewing too.

You will be pleased to know I did another block of the sampler, the girls got a sneak peak of all the blocks I have completed and gave it the stamp of approval.  I showed them my appliqué quilt, more oohs and ahhs so maybe it is on the right track also.  I then started on my Metro Twist cutting, because I was a little unsure how to go with this and Helen had done  class on the ruler I thought it would be good to have her give me some tips.

I finished one block and then cut the rest of the quilt out.    One amazing day and I think we will be planning more because it is so much better to share the creative air and bounce ideas off each other.  It did take me quite a bit to pack the car in the morning and unpack it last night but it was well worth it.


Leanne said...

Sounds like a lovely day.

Shay said...

Sewing days with your gal pals is one of the best ways to spend a day . Glad you got the chance to do it ( that block looks so pretty !!!)

Kate said...

Sounds like a fun and productive day. Hope you get to do more of those.