15 November 2015

New Fabric, New Music and a bit more

I went shopping last week for some more fabric for the Flowers for Alison Quilt, there was not a need for it more like a want.  Added to the stash of fabrics for this quilt were a few more Kaffe florals and spots as well as some Tula Pink lovelies.

I haven't felt well again this week so there hasn't been any more progress but I am feeling better now so have started pulling fabrics for the corner stone appliqué blocks that will be included in Decembers pattern.  I was actually going to print off the pattern just now but got side tracked doing my article for quilting focus and then writing this blog post.

Squid had a fitting for her high school uniform this week, the smallest jacket they had is still ginormous on her, though everything else is ok, but miles too long I will have to take dress and skirts up by about 4".  

Squid hasn't been sleeping well this week, due to a bit of stress at school and worrying about high school and worrying if she will know anyone in her class as all of her friends said that they were going to transition on a different day.  So we have had lots of talking in her sleep or no sleep but at least she hasn't been sleep walking which is usually what happens when she has things on her mind.  We found out on Friday that the friend she put down to be with is going on the same day so she feels a bit better but is still really worried about transition day.  So we will be in for another fun week as Squid on little sleep is usually very interesting.  Maestro handled it all so differently but he had been visiting high school for high maths throughout grade 7 so it wasn't so scary for him.  Squid is such a different creature.

When I'm under the weather, I retreat into books and and music.  Just after this post, I discovered Boy and Bear who have been added to my listening list.  Boy and Bear are a Sydney based band described as indie folk-rock in a similar vein to Mumford and Sons. Last week I added City Calm Down who are a Melbourne group who I think have a sound similar to New Romantics music of the 80's but apparently it is a blend of electro-pop and post-punk according to Spotify so what do I know.

And I have been binge reading Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling Series which is best described as Sci-Fi Fantasy/Romance and this week Julie Johnson' Cross the Line was released and I read that as well. There are a couple of other writers I have been reading lately that are due to release books shortly most of which I think I have pre ordered so I look forward to them turning up on my Kindle App.

Now I'd better head off and print off that pattern so I can stitch this week.

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Kate said...

It's hard to go wrong with Kaffe fabrics. Sorry you weren't feeling well, hope that has all passed.

Poor Squid. Drama Teen has the same problem when she's stressed. She won't sleep. It makes for some long days sometimes for both her and I.