22 November 2015

Quilting Focus and Block 5 is on schedule

I have been asked to join Quilting Focus as a regular contributor which is great fun.  If you have any suggestions of what you would like me to Focus on let me know.  I look forward to sharing some knowledge.  I seem to be far better at writing about quilting at the moment than getting down and actually doing it, but the BOM must go on.

I have headed to the sewing room this weekend and created the border for Block 5 of Flowers for Alison.  If you can suggest a name for the block that would be good I haven't a clue about what the flower could be.  For the moment it is called Potted Colour.

I have two more corner stones to make then I will be all ready to work on the pattern and have it up by the 1st of the month.

Next month I will be working on another small block and I will be giving instructions for piecing the first 2/3rds of the quilt.

There is one more block designed after this one and then you will be able to complete the centre of the quilt.  I have ideas for the border but that will be optional if you want to include it in your quilt.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Very pretty block. It reminds me of a tuilp or maybe an iris.