25 November 2019

15 Minute Challenge Room Shuffle and count down to Holidays.

As you can see I have filled in a bit more of the top border.  There are 3 more large flowers to start and a couple of layers to finish on some of the others.  There is still lots to go but it is good to see that progress is happening week to week and you can't see it when it is sitting on your lap and you are stitching.  Another 7 out of 7 this week.  Though I admit some days I really haven't felt like stitching this week.

Mo finished her last exam today and she only has 2 more year 12 prep days to go.  She has been trying to get a summer job with not much success, though she had an interview last week and she thinks she may be in with a shot.  She is dragging me to a vintage clothes market next week she needs to get a job to feed her shopping habit.

The big room shuffle has started Maestro is just about moved into his Batch Pad, he is waiting on delivery of a bed and sofa later this week and the room will be set up.  We can't wait for his noise to be away from our bedrooms, as all his friends are finishing uni so it will be late night gaming sessions when he isn't working and I think he is planning on a party.

We bought paint for his old room where Mo will be moving to and the art room (her old room).  She wants all white but is going to paint a mural on one of the walls down the track in her bedroom and a chalk wall in the art room.  She wants new sheers in the bedroom and new bed linen, I think I will be waiting for the sales to start.  There is a lot prep to be done to the walls in Maestro's old room most the previous paint work on one side of the room is pretty bad and most of the wall will needs a new layer of plaster.  Most of it was hidden behind his furniture but Mo wants a different layout and we need to take this opportunity to fix it.

How did you go this week.  Check out all the progress at Kate's.  I'm off to sit and complete another couple of flowers.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you'll have a lot to do even once Maestro gets moved to his new spot. Hopefully, you'll still have time and energy to stitch. Home repair/remodel is hard and tiring work.