16 December 2019

15 Minute Challenge and First Day of Holidays

Had a nice lazy sleep in this morning and then went full steam ahead moving Mo into her new room. So we are all pretty tired.

The painting of the room proved quite a trial as we ended up needing 6 coats of paint to cover the previous colour, we should have done a primer coat first. Mo wanted to do all the painting but DH is a bit of a control freak and jumped in (he isn't the best painter but I didn't tell you that).  He bowed to pressure and let Mo do the last 2 coats (which came out perfect).

Today we put up curtains and the furniture in.  I was amazed at how much crap one nearly 17 year old could accumulate in her room all hidden from sight I might add because her room is always really tidy, but there were stacks of older school books in every corner that she is just going to have to go through and chuck out.  We got rid of a few bags of clothes and old bed linen... there is more to sort through in the next couple of weeks.

Stitching wise it was a 6 out of 7 week for me.   I'm working on small flowers on the border and I have been finishing up Xmas pressies (sneak peak right) and stitching up hems on curtains.

I saw on instagram that the Makers & Shakers Market was on at the local town hall so Mo and I made a quick trip there.  I picked up a Xmas Present for me and got some nice xmas cards from one of the stalls.

I know I'm really tired so it will probably be an early night but I might do a bit of stitching before I head to bed.  The weather is going to be horrendous for the rest of the week (40+ for the next 4 days peaking on Friday with 44C which I will be in Melbourne for (their forecast is only 40).  

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Kate said...

It is amazing what the kiddos can accumulate. We clean out a bit more from the Scientist in Training's room every time she comes home. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and the trip to Melbourne. Hope you can take some stitching with you.