02 December 2019

15 Minute Challenge & Wedding Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary 24 years and this year has been pretty good, not so many ups and downs as last year. Maybe we will start planning on doing something big for our 25th.  

Stitching wise its been 7 out of 7 again, but I have to say my sewing mojo is a bit lacking so though there has been progress on the top border not an awful lot.  

Maestro has moved into his new room and we have cleaned out his old room, we just have to find space for some of his stuff that my husband is loathed to get rid of...mainly all his Dr Who memorabilia.   

I managed to pick up some new bed linen for Mo in the Black Friday sales.  Still need a few things and think about curtains etc but that can wait for now.  

Mo was after a rather large ticket item for her Christmas and Birthday this year and I managed to find it below RRP so saved a bit of money on that.  Maestro is after a coffee machine, so I am trying to find one that uses reusable pods.  

When we first moved into this house the yard was full of geraniums.  I hated the smell and we pulled them all out.  But over the years I have collected a couple of new varieties which aren't as strong in odour but the flowers are striking and they grow with minimal effort.  

So how did you go this week.  I'm hoping that my sewing mojo returns soon as I have a few things that I want to get done in the next couple of weeks for Xmas.    

Check out Kate's page to see how everyone has gone this week.  

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Kate said...

Happy belated wedding anniversary! Hope you had a fun celebration. At least you are stitching a bit every day. Some weeks/months that's all you can manage. Good luck with the rest of your Christmas shopping. Sounds like both have the same dilemma, kids with birthdays close to Christmas. I always have to do the SITs birthday shopping when I do the Christmas shopping.