23 December 2019

15 Minute Challenge, Merry Xmas and Heat Wave

We have woken up to smoke haze this morning. Due to record heat this last week, bushfires started in the Adelaide hills and on Kangaroo Island (so east and west of the city).   The fires have been downgraded now The Cudlee Creek fire (Hills) is still out of control according to this evening news and as the air is pretty still today everywhere is a smoky haze even though we are a long way from both fire zones.

Last week Adelaide sweltered through 4 days of above 40C I don't know what that is in F but it was bloody hot.  Luckily I escaped to Melbourne for 2 of the hot days though the heat followed me and the day of our Christmas party though it started mild but by 1pm it was heading towards 40 as well.

Sewing wise because of the heat and Christmas dinner with the girls I think it was only a 5 out of 7 for the week.  I took some stitching with my to Melbourne and did some each day.

There was lots of walking in Melbourne, I did management to walk an extra hour that I didn't need to thanks to google maps taking me on an unnecessary detour.  I went to the DFO (factory outlet) and did mainly window shopping bought a couple of Tshirts for my hubby and some shorts for Mo otherwise not much shopping was done.  I'm a little bit over the crowds and hustle and bustle of Christmas I am looking forward to 3 more weeks of doing not much and recharging.

Views from Jack Rabbit Winery

View from the Ferry across the bay 

My Christmas present to myself arrived a full set of Wonderfil Efina 60wt threads, I have enjoyed using these for hand piecing and decided to get the full set to use for appliqué.

I can reveal my Christmas Present stitching to you now.  Though they look pretty cool the cork fabric was a real bastard to stitch and turn through.  I have a kit to make one for myself and it has only uses the cork on one side so I think I will be sticking to that for my version.

Yesterday I managed to finish and upload pattern 9 of Springtime Romance, only the final pattern to go but I won't start on that till the quilt is finished the tiny flowers are slow going but hopefully will get to binge watch a few shows of the break and do lots of stitching.

Well that's my penultimate week round up for the year.  I think I was pretty steady through out, there would have only been a handful of weeks where I didn't make 7 out of 7.

Check out those who are still recording at Kate's.


Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

They've talked about your heatwave in the news here. And the fires. It is hard to get motivated to do anything when it is that hot. Just stay inside and generate as little heat as possible. I am glad you were able to get away at least for a little while and still were able to enjoy your holiday.

Kate said...

Hopefully you've had a bit of a cool down since last week and now with the holiday over, life will slow down so you can enjoy the rest of your break.