30 December 2019

15 Minute and last post for the year

Well I think I can say it was a 7 out of 7 this week.  I am sort of in the limbo between xmas and new years where its hard to tell what day it is and what I was doing on a given day.  I have been doing lots of stitching.

I quilted a quilt that I made on my last sewing weekend away for Mo for her new room and have put the binding while sitting next to a fan to keep cool.  We've been hit with another heat wave so haven't been venturing out too much.

Mo went to the beach yesterday with her boyfriend.  My husband suggested that he take the beach tent down and set it up for them which meant they could stay down there longer.  He has an original Moana Beach Tent (30+ years old) that still looks brand new that we used when we use to go to the beach and stay all day.  He set it up went for a dip and then I picked him up and left them to there afternoon.  We had to laugh when they walked out of her room ready to go they looked like a pair of hippies, with round John Lennon sunglasses, both have long curly hair wearing baggy clothes and big floppy hats.

This afternoon we have a cool change, which is a lovely relief but there have been a few fires started today due to Dry Lightening and there is concern that the winds that pick up could add to the dangerous conditions.

I haven't touched the border of Springtime Romance for about a week but did some more work on it yesterday. I gave it a good press and took a photo though it is a little blurry just to make sure it was still looking good.  There are still 4 or 5 sprays of small flowers to go but I think it is getting there.


Gretchen Weaver said...

It's hard for me to imagine being hot. It's cold and windy here with several inches of snow on the ground. The beach sounds like a lovely idea. Hope the fires die down. Blessings!

DawnyK said...

Sounds like a productive week. Wishing the best for your weather!!! The border is lovely. You are doing a great job with the flowers.

Kate said...

Love Mo's new quilt and the border for Springtime Romance is looking good. Hope it cools off a bit and you get some rain so the fire danger drops a bit. Thanks for linking up with 15 minutes to stitch this year.