04 May 2020

15 Minute Challenge - Heading Back to a New Normal

Do you think things will ever be the same, I think there is always going to be a bit more wariness in us all.  Our state has hit 11 days straight with no new cases and I think the government is going to start easing restrictions.  I'm sure the borders will be closed for a lot longer as eastern states of Australia are still getting cases.

My husband who didn't want to have to work from home now doesn't want to go back to working from work and is going to try and stay home as long as possible.  Now that he is all set up and knows what he is doing he is pretty happy.  The fact that everyone has to tip toe round the house when he is working is a major pain though, the poor dog keeps getting in to trouble for barking at the postie and anyone who walks by.

I will be happy to move back to my old desk and get out of Mo's hair though.

Its been 7 out of 7 for me this week, most of it has been crochet.

I'm at the finishing line for the blanket I am working on 15 rows to go and its done.  There is nothing to be done a
bout the too tight first row but nobody is probably going to see it and it is just a throw rug for when we are sitting watching tv its all learning, I've discussed it with my friend and next time I will use a bigger hook for the first row to avoid this.

I got some new crochet books this week which came with e-versions and You tube videos I'm thinking about doing a sampler blanket next with lots of different granny squares from one of the books.  I also have the wool for another stripped blanket in the sew room that I am going to start which is super easy as I think the sampler is going to stretch my skills somewhat.

I have started on my whole cloth appliqué which is going to use mainly Liberty prints, I am using lots of Blackbird Design blocks to fill in.  I have finished the frame for the centre block and then there will be other pieces around the centre from their various books.  I think this is going to be all by hand I'm think I will even hand quilt the finished quilt.

I also managed to get my hands on some more linen a bit heavier weight than this one which will give me enough for 2 whole cloths (it is 280cm wide).  So I am planning a couple of new projects when this one is finished.  I might even wrangle Mo in providing some appliqué designs.

I think I am going to give the BOM a rest this year.  I don't have the energy for writing patterns I'm just enjoying creating without an end goal at the moment.

I must get back to Green Tea and Sweet Beans later this week when the blanket is finished.  I've been enjoying the rush of starting new thing this last week.

How did you go this week are you using your time at home to sew or have you lost your motivation?

Head to Kate's to see what everyone else is up to.

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Kate said...

It's definitely going to be a new normal in our part of the country. We still have new cases every day, but they are still opening up things. Sounds like you've got lots of plans for new projects. It's always fun to start something new, necessary too I think to keep motivation to finish some of the older things.