02 November 2020

15 Minute Challenge and an almost finish

 I honestly don't know where last week went.  Not much happened, Mo did a few things with friend, Maestro went to a couple of parties.  This week he is doing more study for exams the following week.  

Victoria has recorded 3 days without COVID cases and the state government is easing restrictions.  I read in the paper that on the same day in June they were equal with UK for new cases when their lockdown was started.  Have a look where the UK are now and although it has been really hard on the Vics they now can see the light and the UK are in real trouble again.  Here in SA the only COVID cases are from people returning from overseas and they have been kept in hotel quarantine to ensure it doesn't spread.  So things are looking up here.  

Yesterday I finished the tiny cross stitch I was working on.   Definitely glad that is over a done with.  I can't tell you how many times I unpicked the stitches and it still isn't perfect but I'm happy with it and that's the main thing.  I have to paint a box to mount it on, I think that will be next weekend.

It was 6 out of 7 last weekand I spent the whole time on the cross stitch, though yesterday I did make a belt for Mo's formal dress which is back from being shortened.  

Mo and I ordered a new Christmas Tree (we only ever do fake) for this year, and some coordinated decorations and I plan to make Twelve Days Ornaments by Larissa Holland to match.  I have only purchased the first 6 patterns to see how far I get this year and then I might get the final 6 next year.  I think I will be happy if I get the first couple done I already have to many projects on the go.  

The boss approved 5 weeks off for me for Christmas I will be having most of December of and go back to work on 11 January.  DH and I are off to see if he can retire some time next year.  He has been so stressed this year it was beginning to affect his health so if he can plan to finish up soon I think that will help.  

So how has you stitching time been this week.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is doing.  

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Kate said...

Sounds like a really, really busy week on a lot of fronts. Love your little stitchery finish, congrats on getting it done. You are so lucky the government there took things seriously from the get go. It's a mess here on the Covid front. There were 2000 new cases in our state alone. The SIT and her roommate went to see a friend on Halloween and were exposed to someone who tested positive on Wednesday. So they both got tested yesterday and we are waiting to see how that comes out. They are both asymptomatic at the moment, so fingers crossed they doged that bullet. (We should know by Tuesday at the latest).