30 November 2020

15 Minute Challenge Who knows what is to come with restrictions over Christmas

 Although there haven't been many cases with this latest outbreak of COVID.  Someone that was a casual contact with one of the people, has developed COVID and hasn't been in quarantine.  They went on a shopping spree last week and have hit 7 shops.  So now there are more alerts.  A couple of the places we have been too but not at the times when this person was there but it all is a bit close to home for my liking.  They were going to open up more tomorrow, if that goes ahead with these latest development remains to be seen.  

Mo got school awards for Art and IPP (which is basically graphics design) and a medal for excellence for achieving 4 or more A's in year 12 as she has done 6 year 12 subjects we aren't sure which subjects were in the mix for an A.  It was really hard to hear on the video when they read them out so we will have to wait for her SACE score.  

I think its safe to show off her Art Prac for the year.  She has put it on her instagram page.  Apparently it's about growing up.  Her 2 friends are serene and accepting of moving from childhood to adulthood but she is resisting trying to cling to the mask.  

It was only a 6 out of 7 week.  I think I was just a bit tired one night.  

I did finish my latest cross stitch stitching and I need to put it together.  I also got 2 kits this month one was a bonus.  But there are another couple of projects from the book that I want to do (more drum pin cushions) I'm hoping that I have enough threads left over to get them done.  

But I'm putting them away for a bit as I want to do another Blackbird Christmas pin cushion which is quite large before I go back to the book.  I am going to make sure that I check Crewel Goblins Newsletter to sign up for their next project because I have found these quite fun and rewarding.  

Last week we had a few hot days, probably why I didn't have a 7 out of 7 and we headed to the beach for a bit of a walk.  The area in front of the jetty had way to many people for social distancing so we walked further down to another ramp.  We ended up sitting and watching the sun set it was perfect down the beach not too hot and not to cool.  

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Kate said...

That is scary. They haven't been too worried about shops here, they say the biggest risk is eating out, going to a bar and going to church. I remember you talking about Mo's art projects, those are pretty detailed. Great work and congratulations to Mo on all her awards. Hope you've been able to get in lots of stitching time this week.