07 December 2020

15 Minute Challenge and Weekend Getaway

 It was our 25th wedding anniversary this week and I booked a weekend at the Adelaide Oval Hotel.  We had a lovely room overlooking the Cathedral.  The hotel is built into the eastern side of the Hotel so all rooms have a view.  We did a bit of shopping in the afternoon and purchased a watch for Mo for doing so well in her year 12 even though we haven't got her final results yet 4+ A's is pretty good.  

We walked into the city for dinner at Parlemento's.  We use to eat here a few times when we were just going out and I worked in the city around the corner from the restaurant.  The food was good as always and they were very busy.  

We had breakfast in the morning in the restaurant overlooking the Adelaide Oval.  We ordered our breakfast with a couple of extras (big mistake) because before the main came this plate was presented   Both of us ate left than half of what was on offer but it was a wonderful meal.  We didn't eat anything for the rest of the day.  

We came home to ducklings in the pool, after more than 20 years in this house we have always managed to keep the ducks from nesting in the yard.  I honestly hadn't noticed any this year, they were sneaky.  Mo said she found them on Saturday afternoon in the pool.  DH wasn't happy.  We ended up herding them out the yard and down the road to the local wet lands.  It took all 3 of us about 20 minutes to get them there but they were happy once they saw the water and made their way into the creek.  

I think it was a 7 out of 7 this week.  I have started Granny Square Academy again and am doing one of each of the 10 squares then  I will be moving onto Granny Square Flair which is more challenging and see how I go.  This time I am just using the book to read the pattern instead of relying on the youtube videos so far I've worked it all out.  Each square you learn a different technique.  

I've also been working on another blackbird design cross stitch.  This one is Early Christmas Morning it is a nice big pincushion with a cross stitch band around the side.  I think it will be very pretty when its done.  

Today is the first day of my holidays, so far I've had a big sleep in and written this post then I think Mo and I are going Fruit and Veg Shopping and maybe get some lunch.  

Check how to see how everyone went this week at Kate's.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you had a brilliant anniversary. The view from your room was definitely nice. Hope you holiday is going well and you are getting in some good stitching time. I didn't realize that ducks would take over a pool. Glad you were able to rehome them. Hope you got in lots of stitching time this week.