16 November 2020

15 Minute Challenge and new COVID Restrictions

 I'm hoping down the track I can look back at my 2020 posts and remember what we went through.  Today our state has tighten restrictions as there is an outbreak of community transmission.  We are waiting to see if Mo's formal is being cancelled which is to be held on Wednesday.  We have once again been told to work from home. Mo is taking it in her stride.  

I've been stitching my 12 days of Xmas ornaments.  I have finished 2 sets of Partridge In Pear Tree and this afternoon finished a Turtle Dove.  Don't think I will get much of a chance (if formal goes ahead) over the next few days to start any more.  I think I will be happy with getting one done a week.  

We put up the new tree on the weekend, a bit early this year, I usually don't like to put it up before 1 December but giving 2020 as it is its gone up early.  

Mo has been working on xmas presents, hopefully we can get them fired in time for Christmas, she has a couple more to do.  She has now put handles on these two and she want to make one more.  

So how has your week gone.  Mine was a 7 out of 7.  Head to Kates' to see how everyone has gone this week.  

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Kate said...

Love your ornaments! Those are really cool. I don't blame you for getting the tree up. We'll put ours up this weekend as the SIT is home and she won't have a tree at school this year. She'll only be there for two weeks, but she misses it if she doesn't get to help. Sorry the restrictions are back in place. Hopefully Mo still gets to go to her formal. They really should tighten restrictions here, but that's not likely to happen. They did finally state that all restaurants have to seat people at least 6 feet away from each other. Hope you got in lots of stitching time last week. I'm paying catch up on blog reading and such. It's been nuts. I'm so glad to be off work this week.