15 March 2021

15 Minute Challenge and A Mini Holiday

 It was a 6 out of 7 week this week.  We had a wedding to go to at Clare.  It had been postponed a couple of times due to Covid.  The day was pretty wet, but it cleared for the garden ceremony.  

We had planned to say a couple of nights.  Sunday we did a bit of a tourist thing driving around, as neither of us are wine drinkers there wasn't a lot and places to go, it is pretty obvious that the region has been hit hard by covid and there really wasn't a lot of thing open unless it was wine tasting.  We had a nice breakfast at The Olive Bus.

We then headed to Martindale Hall.  It was used as a set for Picnic at Hanging Rock which is an Australian Movie Classic.  The interiors were beautiful, lots of William Morris wallpapers and the upstairs / downstairs divide was on display.  The most beautiful screen hand embroidered was on display in the master bedroom.  

Apparently is a ghost of a small child in residence. The room was pretty cold but I could have been imagining it.  

DH wanted to pose for a picture to send off to work as his department has  something to do with the upkeep of the of the hall.  

Mo's boyfriend's band had a great gig on Saturday.  She said the room was packed (probably with all their school friends and family), and most of them cleared out for the lead act, she felt a bit sorry for them her table stayed.  She thought they did a great job  Her boyfriend wrote most of their songs and they only did a couple of covers in the set, she may be a bit bias.   

This afternoon I managed to finish my 6 day kids blanket.  It needs blocking and the ends all weaved in but it's pretty much finished.  

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Kate said...

Sounds like a nice weekend away, sorry more wasn't open. Sounds like Mo's boyfriend's bad got off to a reasonable start. Hope you can eek out some stitching time this week.